A Holiday Lyrics Quiz

Mmmmmm. Christmas donuts....

The holidays are a time when you gamely try to resurrect old traditions, such as “enjoying snow” and “not getting aggravated.”

And no tradition is more in need of resurrection than the Tom Musial Dot Com Lyrics Quiz.

Here are lyrics from ten of my favorite winter/holiday songs, a surprising number of which contain prominent references to alcohol.

Post a comment with your guesses and you will gain the recognition of being the first commenter on this website in more than nine months.

10. Late December can drag a man down
9. Father yells, throwing the gifts in the wood stove.
8. Mom got drunk and dad got drunk.
7. Deer might fly. Why not?
6. She’s up and rock and rolling with the rest.
5. Maybe just a half a drink more.
4. You mean you forgot cranberries, too?
3. You’re a bum, you’re a punk. You’re an old slut on junk.
2. I saw your sister skatin’ on the lake this afternoon.
1. As I look around your eyes outshine the town.

Check out the playlist for the answers.

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Rene's, East McKeesport
Rene’s, East McKeesport.

By far the largest fish sandwich of 2010. Three giant planks of fish.

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Duke’s Station, Bethel Park

“Wedding Crashers” was right

Rule #39: The way to a woman’s bed is through the dance floor.

British science proves it!

Dancing in September

Two big fundraiser shows coming up in September:

  • On Thursday, September 23, I’ll be appearing in the finals of the Gilda’s Great Comic Search at the Improv in Homestead. This show is a fundraiser for Gilda’s Club of Western PA, a great organization that supports families of people fighting cancer. Tickets are $15. Contact the Improv for tickets and more information.
  • On Saturday September 25, I’ll be opening for Matt Wohlfarth at the Craftonian Hall (in Crafton) in a fundraiser for St. Philip School. Tickets are $25 and include beer!. You’ll never find a better deal in Crafton.

Despite the name of this post, these shows will include little or no dancing. If you would like to dance, watch this video:

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Primanti's, Cranberry Township
Primanti’s, Cranberry Township.

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Fuel and Fuddle, Oakland
Fuel and Fuddle, Oakland

Only 20% off? Really?

I’m not sure this accurately reflects the law of supply and demand.

Jerseys for sale

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Church Brew Works, Lawrenceville

Big Ben Is Ruining the Economy

It’s not just under-aged college girls who suffer at the hands of Pittsburgh’s philandering quarterback.

Check out this life-size oil painting spotted in the window of a Sewickley art gallery:
Big Ben Painting

Now check out the asking price:


If you can’t read it, it says:

Was $15,000, now $10,000 $5,000.

Stupid Ben. Now even aspiring Leroy Neimans can’t make a living.

Friday Playlist: It’s Party Time

This weekend is Carnegie Mellon University‘s Spring Carnival.

It’s the one time of year that all the nerds, dorks, geeks, and dramats on campus loosen up and act like regular college students.

(Although, in typical CMU fashion, they can’t have a party without incorporating a series of engineering problems, like designing elaborate midway games, building aerodynamic human-powered vehices, and racing robots.)

Nevertheless, as a two-time CMU survivor, I always feel a deep urge each April to spend some time in party-mode.

In that vein, the theme of this week’s lyrics quiz-slash-playlist is Party Time.

(And by the way, if you want to have a crazy good time this weekend, check out Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour concert tonight. 60 songs about drinking in 60 minutes!)


  1. We don’t really need a crowd to have a party
  2. Down to party hearty and have a good time. All I need is a partner in crime.
  3. After the party, it’s the hotel lobby.
  4. First of all, get off the wall. It’s time to party so have a ball.
  5. Did you hear about the party? (Yeah…) I think I’m gonna go, but my friends don’t wanna go.
  6. If the party is where you at, let me hear you say ‘uh oh’
  7. Pulling up to the parties, trying to get a little bit tipsy
  8. OK, smarty, go to a party
  9. Parties, ball in the park, nothing but girls after dark
  10. I rock the body that rocks your body

Don’t know the answers? Check out the playlist.

Friday Playlist: Tiger Woods Edition

Back in the day, Tom Musial Dot Com used to feature Friday lyrics quizzes. It was a way for me to show off the breadth of my musical knowledge, which ranged from New Jack Swing of the mid 1980s all the way up to popular rap songs of the early 1990s.

I’m reviving the sentiment of those bygone days, but instead of a quiz, I’m basically giving you an answer key. A bunch of video, preceded by the lyrics I would have used in a lyrics quiz if I was still doing lyrics quizzes.

In honor of Tiger Woods’ return to golf, here are nine songs about infidelity.

Continue reading Friday Playlist: Tiger Woods Edition

Farewell, Lent, and thanks for all the fish!

So another Lent has come and gone, and with it, the wonderful fish fry specials at all of the local parishes, firehalls, and social clubs. This is where I would make a sad face out of keyboard punctuation if I knew how.

Only 325 days to go until the next one!

Keep an eye on TomMusial.com for some videos of my latest Lent/Easter/Fish Sandwich jokes. Coming soon!

(And a fond hello to everyone I’m going to meet at TEDxCMU.)

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

The Brass Hood, Robinson Twp

The Brass Hood, Steubenville Pike, Robinson Township.

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Fish Sandwich fron the Sea Shell Lounge, Moon Twp., PA

Take-out Fish Sandwich from the Sea Shell Lounge, Moon Township, PA