Jokes Pittsburghers Will Like

Here are a couple of jokes that Pittsburghers will enjoy. The other 298 million Americans will have to find some other way to spend their time.

Driving in Pittsburgh / Kennywood Trivia from Tom Musial on Vimeo.

Recorded December 26, 2009 at the Rex Theater on Carson Street.

Mmmmmmmm. Pizza.

New pizza commercial starring Christine Tarbet, the lead actress from the award-winning short film P.O.V.

Golf = Funny

Here’s the second in a series of videos I’ve put together for Landslide Technologies.

Signature Bit

For all the hundreds and thousands and millions of jokes I’ve told, there is one that every audience seems to remember: my juice box bit.

I’d like to think that this bit captures the imagination due to its clever and absurdist take on 21st-century suburban child-raising traditions. But more likely, people like to laugh at an overweight middle-aged man jumping around on stage like an idiot.

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Worlds Collide

I’m helping my employer put together some humorous videos about the world of salespeople.

Here’s the first one:

Blast From the Past 1: P.O.V.

This short film was an entry in the 2004 Pittsburgh Filmmakers “Film Kitchen” film festival.

All movies had to incorporate a theme of “appliances.”

P.O.V. took the 1st place jury selection. Hooray for me!

Be sure to check out star Christine Tarbet’s site. She’s an fixture on the L.A. film and comedy scene and the star of several commercials!

P.O.V. from Tom Musial on Vimeo.

Tom Musial Dot Com: Now With Video

We’ve got tough economic times here in the U.S.

View the video for a helpful money-saving tip.

Money Saving Tips from Tom Musial on Vimeo.