The Power of

Heinz is producing the dippable ketchup packet that I requested on this site in 2007.


Consumer Tip of the Day

If you need to fit three booster seats across a typical bench seat in a car or minivan, your best bet is the Fisher Price Safe Voyage model. It’s only 14 inches wide, which is at least 2 inches narrower than pretty much every other booster on the market. Two inches might not sound like a lot, but sometimes that’s what you need to make a difference.

So when you’re out buying safety equipment for your beloved children, be sure to keep in mind the recommendations that a random stand-up comedian from Pittsburgh posted on the internet.

Retail Packaging Suggestion Of The Day II

I think liquor companies should sell pre-mixed mixed drinks in juice boxes. We have Fruit Punch and Very Berry for the kids; why not have Screwdrivers or Cosmopolitans for the parents? The serving size is perfect and the boxes pack very easily. Just throw a handful into the cooler for the next trip to the park or the ballgame. No dangerous glass bottles to carry around. No worrying about having the right proportions of liquor to mixer. Just pop in the straw and you’re having a cocktail party!

Retail Packaging Suggestion of the Day

I’m driving a minivan full of hungry kids and hit the drive-thru to pick up lunch. A few minutes later, I’m driving down the freeway trying to open ketchup packets with my teeth and squeeze out more than two molecules of ketchup per packet to satisfy the cravings of my hungry brood.

And I wonder: why can’t fast-food ketchup come in little dipping packages like the sauces you get for chicken nuggets?

If you work for Heinz (or any other food service vendor), please add an explanation to the comments.