Another AFC Championship Game

So Mike Tomlin is now 2-for-4 in reaching the AFC Championship game during his tenure with the Steelers. His 50% average bests even Bill Cowher’s 40% average, which I lauded in this post from 2007.

It never fails to astound me how consistently good the Steelers have been for the past four decades (15 Championship Game appearances — the most of any team in either conference) and the Pirates can’t even luck into a winning season.


PS. Come see me this Friday at Mike Wysocki’s comedy showcase at the Corner Cafe. 18th Street South Side. 9pm. $5. NEW TAILGATING JOKES!

Big Ben Is Ruining the Economy

It’s not just under-aged college girls who suffer at the hands of Pittsburgh’s philandering quarterback.

Check out this life-size oil painting spotted in the window of a Sewickley art gallery:
Big Ben Painting

Now check out the asking price:


If you can’t read it, it says:

Was $15,000, now $10,000 $5,000.

Stupid Ben. Now even aspiring Leroy Neimans can’t make a living.

Friday Playlist: It’s Party Time

This weekend is Carnegie Mellon University‘s Spring Carnival.

It’s the one time of year that all the nerds, dorks, geeks, and dramats on campus loosen up and act like regular college students.

(Although, in typical CMU fashion, they can’t have a party without incorporating a series of engineering problems, like designing elaborate midway games, building aerodynamic human-powered vehices, and racing robots.)

Nevertheless, as a two-time CMU survivor, I always feel a deep urge each April to spend some time in party-mode.

In that vein, the theme of this week’s lyrics quiz-slash-playlist is Party Time.

(And by the way, if you want to have a crazy good time this weekend, check out Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour concert tonight. 60 songs about drinking in 60 minutes!)


  1. We don’t really need a crowd to have a party
  2. Down to party hearty and have a good time. All I need is a partner in crime.
  3. After the party, it’s the hotel lobby.
  4. First of all, get off the wall. It’s time to party so have a ball.
  5. Did you hear about the party? (Yeah…) I think I’m gonna go, but my friends don’t wanna go.
  6. If the party is where you at, let me hear you say ‘uh oh’
  7. Pulling up to the parties, trying to get a little bit tipsy
  8. OK, smarty, go to a party
  9. Parties, ball in the park, nothing but girls after dark
  10. I rock the body that rocks your body

Don’t know the answers? Check out the playlist.

Duke’s Station Tonight

I’ll be the feature act tonight at Duke’s Station on Library Road in Bethel Park.

8:00 p.m. FREE! Check it out.

Cool Free Art

Local artist Ali Spagnola has an ongoing project where she creates an original piece of art EVERY DAY and then GIVES IT AWAY FOR FREE.

However, if you can believe it, she is running out of people who want a free piece of art.

Check out her work (and the free art project) at

I learned about Ali after she did the artwork for my pal Tim Dimond’s recent CD.

Tim Diamond CD

Check out his stuff at

The Jig Is Up. The News Is Out

Finally my wife will understand why I put “Renegade” on my “Steelers Tailgate Playlist.”

Taking over the internet, one blog at a time.

Check out my guest post at Jeff Konkle’s blog,

The post is about 800 words long, which is about 750 words more than I’ve written here over the last six months.

It’s always amazing how much better we behave when we’re guest on someone else’s property, isn’t it?

Close enough, I guess

If you’re a Steelers fan living in Ohio, I imagine you have more important things to worry about than spelling.


Spotted in the Waterfront in Homestead, October 30, 2009.

An Important Message for Pittsburgh Casting Directors

To this point in my nascent career as a performer and entertainer (ha!), I’ve concentrated mainly on stand-up comedy, and shied away from pursuits in filmed entertainment.

After all, I thought, who wants to see a fat bald yinzer on screen when they are trying to enjoy themselves at the movies?

Then, I finally got around to seeing the locally-made movie Adventureland. And what did I see?



Not only is he fat and bald, but he is wearing a 1976 Jack Lambert jersey.

Now where have I seen a fat bald yinzer in a Lambert jersey before? Hmmm. Let’s see. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah, I remember:



Not only was I in full Lambert-jersey regalia, but I BROUGHT BLACK AND GOLD ZUBAZ PANTS TO THE PARTY! You don’t get any more yinzer than that!

One more thing: I WAS DRINKING ROLLING ROCK. (This was when Rolling Rock was still made in Latrobe – the home of Steelers training camp.)

For crying out loud: if any independent filmmakers or local casting directors need a fat bald yinzer for their next film, there is only one place to look. Right here: Tom Musial Dot Com.

Thank you for your time.

The First Ever Pittsburgh Week-long Comedy Festival

Pittsburgh is having its first ever comedy festival. And the whole city is invited. Seven nights, seven diffrent venues, and seven completely different shows.

DON’T MISS THIS GREAT EVENT. This will be just like Woodstock. Except without music and with working bathrooms. And there won’t be a million people there. And it’s inside. And it’s in Pittsburgh. And it’s a week long instead of 3 days. The point is that people will be talking about this event for decades to come.

All ticket sales will go to Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. So come have some laughs and support a good cause.


Mon Aug 24th: Paparazzi’s/South Side/9pm/$5
Chris Levkulich-Jeff Konkle-Josh Copen-and from the WDVE Morning Show Mike Wysocki.

Tues Aug 25th: The Smiling Moose/South Side/9pm/Free
See some of Pittsburghs best up and coming comics along with some scene regulars in the most unpredictable show of the week.

Wed Aug 26th: Bar 11/South Side/10pm/Free
Guest Comic Bartenders. Come have a drink with people funnier than you.

Thur Aug 27th: St.James Place/South Side/8:30pm/$4
Skittsburgh Comedy Troop. Standup not your style? Try a night of sketch comedy.

Thur Aug 27th: The Obey House/West End/9pm/$5
Brad Ryan-Tom Musial (that’s me!) -Justin Markuss-Bret Pintado-and from Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” Jesse Joyce

Fri Aug 28th: Cefalo’s/Carnegie/9pm/$5
Greg Gurkin hosts a competition between five of the city’s best comics to see who will get a spot in the NYC Underground Comedy Festival. Contestants include Mitch Mekulsia-Blake Carter-Tom Henry- Tim Dimond- and Mo Mozuch. Closing the show will be Bill Scott from Satellite Radio.

Sat Aug 29th: The Corner Cafe/South Side/9pm/$5
Matt Light-Terry Jones-Nick Milton- and WDVE’s Bill Crawford.

New Winky Terms

I just added two new terms to the Old-Timey-Pittsburgher-to-English translation guide.

If I use this term… I really mean this…
Hi-Tops bar (by PNC Park) Mullins
KBL Fox Sports Pittsburgh

Also, if anyone knows why the table border won’t draw on the bottom, let me know.

White People Getting Funky in the ‘Burgh

With Terrible Towels, no less.

More info here.

More Pittsburgh Comedy News

Check out these shows this weekend at the Smiling Moose.

Chock full of great Pittsburgh comedians.

Friday April 10th 7p
Lisa Dapprich
Jimmy the Breeze
Steve Swanson
Greg Gerken

Saturday April 11th 7p
mO mOzuch
Steve Swanson
Greg Gerken

Comedy In Pittsburgh This Weekend


  • Skittsburgh open mic; St. James Tavern, South Side. 9:00. Free. Might include me!


  • Nikki Glaser, Mitch Mekulsia, John Pridmore at the Smiling Moose. 7:00 pm. $12.


  • Gab Bonesso, John McIntire, Tim Dimond, et al. Duquesne University. $10/$5 students/$0 Duquesne Students.
  • Billy Elmer, Mike Wysocki, Matt Molchen, Mo Mozuch, Ben Kenny, Subhah, Travis Walling, and ME. Harmony Ridge Golf Club.

More Comedy In Pittsburgh

The Smiling Moose bar on the South Side, in addition to their long-standing tradition of booking hard-core bands with hilariously inflammatory names, is now booking national touring comedians.

Check out these upcoming shows:

w/ special guests MITCH MEKULSIA and JOHN PRIDMORE
SHOW # 2 FRI, APRIL 3rd 7pm – 9pm UPSTAIRS BAR
SHOW # 3 SAT, APRIL 4th 7pm – 9pm UPSTAIRS BAR
tickets are $12.00 in advance and are available @ The Smiling Moose!

* DAN BOULGER * (started doing standup in late 2004. won the boston comedy festival in 2006. After that appeared on Comedy Central, The BBC, and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival. has only done shows on the Comedy Central live and College humor live tours)

w/ special guests MITCH MEKULSIA and t.b.a.
SHOW #2 FRI, APRIL 17th 7pm – 9pm UPSTAIRS BAR
SHOW #3 SAT, APRIL 18th 7pm – 9pm UPSTAIRS BAR
tickets are $10.00 in Advance and are available @ the Smiling Moose!