I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Church Brew Works, Lawrenceville

Blast From the Past 1: P.O.V.

This short film was an entry in the 2004 Pittsburgh Filmmakers “Film Kitchen” film festival.

All movies had to incorporate a theme of “appliances.”

P.O.V. took the 1st place jury selection. Hooray for me!

Be sure to check out star Christine Tarbet’s site. She’s an fixture on the L.A. film and comedy scene and the star of several commercials!

P.O.V. from Tom Musial on Vimeo.

Pittsburgh Finds Its Movie-Making Niche

A number of Hollywood movies and TV shows have been filmed in Pittsburgh lately, including the film Adventureland, which is currently shooting at Kennywood and other local locations.

Many people attribute Pittsburgh’s success at attracting productions to the knowledgeable and affordable filmmaking community, or perhaps to the lobbying efforts of the Pittsburgh Film Office.

I found the real reason in this article in the Post Gazette: the movie Adventureland needs 1,000 extras, particulary men with 1987-style haircuts.

Of course! If you need to film a movie filled with mullets and high-top fades, you can stay in Hollywood and spend a fortune on an army of hairdressers, or you can just film in Pittsburgh and have your pick of outdated hairstyles and fashions.

Now, if only we can get in touch with the makers of “Here I Go Again: The Tawny Kitaen Story,” we’ll really be in business.

Something To Be Desired

Last night I had a chance to meet Justin Kownacki, the creative force behind Something To Be Desired. Launched in 2003, Something To Be Desired (STBD) is one of the longest-running serials on the web. And it’s made right here in Pittsbugh!

I met Justin at the first-ever Filmmaker’s Night at Affogato, which also hosts the Big Red Comedy Show. Our next show is on January 31 at 6:30 p.m.

Check out STBD on the web this weekend, then come see some comedy live on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are yours to do with as you see fit.