The Baton is Passed. (To me.)

Growing up, I was constantly asked, “Are you related to Hall-of-Fame Baseball Player Stan Musial?”

I’ve talked to other people with the Musial surname, and apparently, this happened ALL THE TIME.

(The answer, by the way, is: “No, I am not related.”)

Today, my son was asked, “Are you related to local comedian Tom Musial?”

At last, my plan for domination of the Musial name is starting to pay off! As my comedy empire expands, all of the world’s Musials will be subject to the question: are they fortunate enough to be related to ME!

Enough of Stan Musial and his three MVP awards and his three world series rings and his 3,630 hits and 475 home runs and 24 all-star games and designation as “baseball’s perfect knight.”

Stand aside, for here comes Tom Musial and his repertoire of juice box jokes!


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