I Know What I Did Last Summer

Last summer, my wife and I took our six kids on an epic 15-day, 5000-mile sojourn across the U.S.

The centerpiece of the trip was a week of tent-camping in Yellowstone Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here’s the kicker: we aren’t really a camping family.

Check out the highs and lows of this grand adventure here.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (to do Stand-up)

Just going through some old calendars, and it appears that as of this month, I’ve performed in more that 100 different municipalities!

Who would have thought, when I went to my first open mic all those years ago, that my career would take me to such places as Kecksburg, Stahlstown, Keisterville, and Nanty Glo?

Check out the whirlwind of far-flung exotic locales that I’ve visited!

  1. Adamsburg, PA
  2. Allison Park, PA
  3. Arnold, PA
  4. Beechview, PA
  5. Belle Vernon, PA
  6. Bellevue, PA
  7. Bethel Park, PA
  8. Blairsville, PA
  9. Boswell, PA
  10. Continue reading Oh, The Places You’ll Go (to do Stand-up)

October Shows!

October isn’t just SPOOOOOKY! It is also FUNNY! Come check out a show!


What I Did This Summer

Earlier this summer, my wife and I took our kids on a jaunt across the country.

I kept something of a diary and have published the first few entries online. You can check it out starting at this link.

Be sure to check out the surprising turn of events in Chapter 3!

Have a great summer everyone!


May Shows!

Hey — it only took me four months to publish my second blog post of the year! And it’s almost exactly the same as my first post!

Anyway, come see a show this month…


New Year: New Shows

Get the new year off to a great start by checking out one of my January shows!


Final Shows of the Year

Last chances for some Tom Musial Comedy goodness this calendar year! Tonight at 8p at Royal Place on Rte 88 — with Brad Ryan and Chuck Krieger. Tomorrow in Coraopolis with Sean Collier and Chuck Krieger. See you there!


Back to Bellevue — Saturday November 21

Way back in 2007 or so, I used to run an open mic at the Affogato Coffee Shop on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue.

I stopped doing the open mic shortly after my fifth kid was born, and the coffee shop closed a few years later for reasons unrelated to my kids.

This weekend, I’m BACK on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue, doing a show in the basement performance space at Grille 565. Coming along with me is fantastic comedian Derrick Knopsnyder.

More info is available in the flyer below. Come check it out!


Here We Go Again

After a three four-year hiatus, I’ve once again turned on the Tom Musial Dot Com blog.

I’m not sure why either.

But if you’re curious about what it was like being a struggling novice comedian in Pittsburgh from 2006 through 2011, you’ve come to the right place. Relive the excitement of the Bill Cowher era! Follow the links to obsolete MySpace profiles! Admire my shaved head and scraggly goatee! Taste the delicious Fish Sandwiches!

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Nied's Hotel. February 25, 2011.
Nied’s Hotel, Lawrenceville, before the Billy Elmer & Friends comedy show.

I Heart Fish (Sandwiches)

Piper's Pub
Fish and Chips, Piper’s Pub, South Side

Another AFC Championship Game

So Mike Tomlin is now 2-for-4 in reaching the AFC Championship game during his tenure with the Steelers. His 50% average bests even Bill Cowher’s 40% average, which I lauded in this post from 2007.

It never fails to astound me how consistently good the Steelers have been for the past four decades (15 Championship Game appearances — the most of any team in either conference) and the Pirates can’t even luck into a winning season.


PS. Come see me this Friday at Mike Wysocki’s comedy showcase at the Corner Cafe. 18th Street South Side. 9pm. $5. NEW TAILGATING JOKES!

I Heart Fish Sandwiches in 2011

Mullen's on Carson
Mullen’s on Carson, South Side

I Heart Fish Sandwiches

Sewickley Eat-n-Park
Eat-n-Park, Sewickley. My last fish sandwich of 2010. Happy New Year!