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Tom Musial is a comedian and filmmaker living in Pittsburgh, PA. He regales audiences with bizarre stories of life in modern suburbia, each adventure more absurd and ludicrous than the last.

Tom has opened for nationally-touring comedians such as Jim Breuer, Bill Bailey, Tammy Pescatelli, and Eddie Ifft.

He has performed at the Improv, the Funny Bone, Slapsticks Comedy Loft, and numerous bars, firehalls, coffee shops, living rooms, ice rinks, and picnic shelters across the tri-state area.

Tom was a finalist in the 2011 Pittsburgh Improv "Fall Down Laughing" comedy contest and the 2006 Funny Bone "Best of the Burgh" comedy contest. His short comedy film "P.O.V." took first place in the 2004 Pittsburgh Filmmakers Film Kitchen mini-festival.

Tom has been described as "Pittsburgh's least-well-known comedian."

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